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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda Inc Hands Help Hands has teamed up with many affiliate programs such as FUNDerbug, an on-line shopping mall that will give our organization up to 30% cash back on purchases made at some great stores that will contribute to our cause.

Kohls, Office Max, Target, Staples, Fashion Bug, Smartbargains... just a few examples! Make sure you keep us in mind whenever

you shop.



Access the mall that supports Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda Inc Hands Help Hands directly at http://www.funderbug.com/FMA07110

Or go to http://www.funderbug.com/, click on participating organizations and select Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda Inc Hands Help Hands. It's that simple! 






Medic Alert Bracelets are the fastest, safest way to access your medical records, medications intake, allergies, physicians, and your emergency contacts in case you have any medical emergency.  Go directly to - http://www.medicalert.org/amb

Dont forget to enter the promotional code 10511 when ordering your bracelet. 



Also, please visit our Amazon a-store to get all that you need for first aid and anything else that you may need "por su salud!"  You can also get books to read.



Our Entertainment Coupon Book Fundraiser offers fundraising supporters discount deals on things such as travel, dining, sporting events, and other areas of leisure.




Kimbelina... get a little touch of heaven with Kimbelina blanckets and more.   





Become a Blockbuster  Member and help us help others!!!!




Swanson's products - your healthy alternative!




Thank you for your support!!!